Brandi England

“The greatest feeling I've ever experienced was telling someone what my big dreams were, and then finding out they had the tools the help me achieve them. I want to be that person for everyone on our roster"                                                                       - Brandi England  

Team Lead & Principal Agent (West Coast) 

   Growing up in Vancouver, Brandi was surrounded by the film industry, with many of her friends developing successful careers as actors, producers, writers and every position in between. For Brandi, film has always been a passion and influenced many of the entrepreneurial endeavors she would launch in her early career. At 16 she was chosen to represent Canada as a youth ambassador in Brazil, it was there that she found her true love for inspiring people. 
   After completing her time in Brazil, Brandi continued her travels around the world and visited more than 20 countries over 8 years. Some of her travels included teaching English at one of the premiere Medical Universities while translating for a Brazilian aeronautics company in China. During her time in Caribbean, Brandi worked for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, traveling all across the Caribbean performing improv, theatre, and live comedy, alongside Marty Allen, one of her longtime idols. Performing in front of hundreds of people every day gave Brandi a strong appreciation for the art of performing. 
    On her return to Vancouver, Brandi started on plans to launch her non-profit organization, a dream she had since she was a teen. This passion led to the founding of “Teen Wealth”, which is an entrepreneur program that is geared toward helping people develop a sense of self-worth. The success of this organization led to Brandi being invited to speak on behalf of her team at the annual Leap Conference hosted at UCLA. Not long after, she caught the eye of Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) who published a complete article about her success and charitable work in his business magazine, The Big Pitch. 
    As an expansion of her non-profit work, Brandi launched “All-Heart Talent” which was an initiative that allowed her to combine charitable endeavors with her love for entertainment. “All-Heart Talent” hosts events around North America where industry professionals can mingle and discuss potential job partnerships. All proceeds from any commissions resulting in these events and subsequent contracts go to charity. These combined experiences and individual growth made Brandi the perfect person to lead the Ignite team. 
   Brandi is excited to represent our roster of diverse talent and guide their careers in Vancouver’s dynamic entertainment industry. When she isn’t busy supporting Ignite Artists, you can find her as host of Voice America’s Teen Wealth Radio, overseeing her non-profit Global Teen Wealth or serving as community liaison for Mind the Bar – a local mental health initiative. 
    Brandi’s love of helping others achieve self-worth and their life goals made her a natural fit to sign on with Ignite.  

Zyrack Dean Osmon

"I would like to GIVE BACK to our artists, as much as my very first mentor in the game, Lana Costea of Windsor Ontario to whom I am forever grateful for her guidance. "                                     - Dean Osmon      

Toronto/Ontario Regional Representative (East Coast)

     Zyrack Dean Osmon has been a performer since a little child. Being mentored under the guidance of Lana Costea, while being instructed for 5 years in cello, voice, choir and acting. Furthering his growth attending high school at Walkerville Collegiate Institute & School of Performing Arts. 
     Understanding his strong desire for performance, Dean earned an International Fashion contract with MacDonald & Richards Model Management in NYC where he stayed for 6 years. Some of his NY achievements include but not limited to: Working with Robin K. Miller Prods. on a TV Pilot Series called “Gimme A Shot!” He later went on to co-found Full Blaze Records in Queens, NY – where he developed, recorded, and pitched artists to MCI Records. In 2001 Dean won both the NYC Daytime ABC network vocal competition and VH1 network’s “Celebrity Look-a-Like” competition, as Lenny Kravitz. 
     At the Producer’s Club Theater (Off-Broadway), he landed a role in the production of “Black Man’s Blues” before finally returning home to Canada. Transitioning into film & TV in Toronto, he was able to land a guest star role in the TV Series “Show Me Yours” while continuing his fashion modeling career with NAM Model Management and Giovanni Model Management. You may recognize Dean in Lava Life’s first Canadian National Dating Service Commercial in 2002. 
     In 2007 Dean moved to Vancouver to further his Film & TV aspirations while training with Linda Darlow before landing roles in a clearly contact commercial and TV series such a Human Target and features such as Tron - Legacy. In 2010 he moved to the agent/management side of his career. Creating and heading up InspirationALL Talent & Modeling Group’s film, TV, commercial, and background Divisions. He worked Briefly with “Top Talent” agency before launching his own talent agency Maijah Lewk of 8 years; along the way Dean fell in love with the development, management and mentoring of talent. 
    Then in 2020 after taking a break from management to focus on family (something we value very highly at Ignite Artists) he jumped back into his passion and joined the Ignite Team.  We are SO happy to have his caring heart and vast industry knowledge on our team!

Asha Gill

"Everyone deserves a great team, I'm so excited to join Ignite and help our actors feel the force of the team behind their passion"
         - Asha Gill

Commercial & Aspiring Principal Agent

  Asha Gill resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and has 20+ years in various roles in production with background in business, finance and event management. Asha started her film and television production career in 1999 working in casting. From casting she went on to explore various areas of production such as Producer’s Assistant, Director’s Assistant, Executive Assistant, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, and Producer in both production and production company levels. 
   She has over 50 combined producing and production credits, and 21 years experience in screen-based media in Vancouver, British Columbia. Highlights of her producing career include The Chris Isaak Show, Canada’s Next Top Model, behind the scenes at Men In Trees (for, Crazy 8s, numerous independent projects, including several award-winning short films. 
   Asha’s skills and experience lend themselves to both production and to the creative. She has developed solid relationships with industry producers, directors, casting directors, talent agents, performers, unions, associations, technicians, politicians, industry leaders and influencers. As an innate ‘people person’ Asha is a perfect addition to the Ignite Artists team and has really utilized her skills, experience and passion more on the creative and working alongside performers directly, to help achieve their professional goals and desires.

Meagan Louise

"Sometimes we dont know where we belong until we find it, I hope Ignite feels like home to any performer who wants more  than just an agent, but a community of support too." 
       - Meagan Louise

Background Team Lead & Recruitment Specialist


   Meagan grew up in the Greater Toronto Area. As a kid she wanted to be lawyer and loved to fight for what is right... plus she looks great in suit jackets (at least we think so hehe).  After high school, she completed her post secondary education in marketing and advertising but decided to see what the rest of the world had in store for her before settling down.
  Meagan's love of travel brought her to London, UK, in 2010 where she lived and worked for two years in VIP customer relations at the Playboy Club in London. She also spent quite a bit of time travelling around Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. 
  She moved to Vancouver in 2012 (lucky us!), where she pursued a career in real estate after attending Sauder School of Business, it was here where she really thrived and was able to combine her love of people and business into one job.
  Meagan has always loved trying new things and embarking on new adventures, so when the opportunity to join the Ignite Artists team arose, she happily accepted the challenge; bringing with her a dynamic business background and a bubbly, outgoing energy.  She still has her real estate licence though - so when she helps you get famous, she can help you find that perfect house in Whistler for your weekend getaways! 

Kalita - Rockstar Everything 

Kalita is a Canadian with the heart of a farmgirl and the legs of a NY Fashion week model and comes all the way from the cold cold north of Edmonton Alberta. She has a keen eye for good people, works hard at everything she puts her heart in to and is a blessing to the team. We are glad to have her youthful spirit and endless dedication to her craft on our team. She loves her family, work, a very snorty pug with the cutest snorts and hopes one day to make tv and movies to inspire others. Super excited to welcome her to the team.

Kyle - Fit Model Manager

Kyle came to us from Australia after years training in stunts, combat and acting and we couldn't be happier to have him. Kyle has joined the team to learn the in's and outs of the industry from an agency perspective and share his passion for acting with the Ignite Roster. The best part about him? Not only is he an incredible actor... he also has a huge heart and never hesitates to jump in and help out his fellow man. He is a certified martial arts instructor as well and is looking forward to offer stunt tips to anyone wanting to expand their resume.

Karolynne - Admin Assistant

Karolynne came to us from the beautiful country of Brazil and has an academic background in engineering (shes brilliant!) and was a private tutor working with youth (so shes also sweet!). She spent three years in Canada before marrying the love of her life and now they call Vancouver home. She loves ice water, makes the best coffee in our office (well she is Brazilian after all...) and is addicted to nail polish. We are excited to have her as part of the Ignite family and hope she continues to supply creme caramel (aka pudim) for us!

Ana - Our Lead Accountant/Organizational Goddess

Ana came to Canada from Brazil and has made this her home with her husband and beautiful daughter. She has Degree in Communications and Marketing, and is a wiz at organizing everything!! She overseas our main accountant Johnathan who sits huddled in his office punching the numbers to make us all look good! Thanks Ana and Johnathan!
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