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Why Acting? Because I got kicked out of medical school - lol jk. Actually i started watching movies w my grandparents as a kid and loved that you could be someone else and still be you. I love to perform and take people on a journey.
3 Special Skills: Musician, Voice Actor, Comedy Writer.
Fav Ice Cream: Vanilla
Cause: Lou Gehrigs Disease
Social Media: 
Dad Joke:  Where do all the 1 legged waiters work... IHOP


Why Acting: It gives me a platform to express myself and impact people around me.
 3 Special Skills: Singing and playing instruments as well as riding horses.
Ice Cream:  Salted Caramel
 Cause(s): Defend Innocence Foundation, Mental Health, Empowering Women, Environmental Issues.
 Instagram: k.wiebe
 Dad joke: Did you hear about the kid-napping at school? It's fine, he woke up.


Why Acting:  I am enjoying to bring entertainment to people. I have been acting since I was in the elementary school. 
 3 Special Skills: I am an animator, a hair stylist and some martial arts moves. 
 Ice Cream: I love vanilla flavoured, simple, but not too sweet. 
 Cause:  Environmental Issues.
Dad joke: Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it’s tearable. 


Why Acting: I think it helps me become a better person; Understanding the characters motivation helps me to think about how the character goes about putting their purpose into action.
 3 Special Skills: Singing, Boxing, Martial Arts
 Ice Cream:  Hedgehog.
 Cause: Retirement/Veteras, Childrens Hunger.
 Dad joke:  Why did we name the printer Bob Marley? Because it was always jammin!



Why Acting? It's a sort of therapy for me and serves as a tool to connect and communicate with people.
3 Special Skills: Writing, oratory and teaching (Used to be an university teacher in México).
Fav Ice Cream:  Oreo Cookies and Cream.
Cause: Mental Health, Women's rights, children's education, art and culture accesible for everyone, art therapy and philanthropy.
Instagram: jessicablancoc 
Dad Joke:  Relax Gringo, I'm legal. I got the papers. (In a really mexican way with a really mexican accent). 


Why Acting:  As a child I watched movies and was inspired, now I want to inspire future generations of dreamers.
 3 Special Skills: Motivational Speaker,  Magician, Athlete
Ice Cream:  Green Mint Chocolate Chip
 Cause: Mental Health
 Instagram: @buone8
 Dad joke: Actually overheard by Matt at lunch when asked what he wanted to drink "Water, on the rocks, shaken not stirred."


Why Acting/Modelling: Best way to take your audience somewhere else and be a part of their artistic experience.
 3 Special Skills:  Gymnastics, Public Speaking, Athletic.
 Ice Cream:  Vegan Salted Caramel.
 Cause:  Troubled youth, mental health, homelessness.
 Instagram:  @miss.vanessa.chauhan
Dad joke: What do you call cheese that isnt yours? "Nacho Cheese"


Why Acting: Because it gives me the ability to connect with people in a different way.
 3 Special Skills:  Martial arts, guitar and getting beat up on camera.
 Ice Cream: Vanilla.
Dad joke:  How do you stop bacon from curling in a pan? Take away their little brooms!
(Hint... this one is truly Canadian...)


Why Acting:  Acting to me is having total awareness of your mind, body, and emotions. It’s part of my spiritual practice.
 3 Special Skills:  Singing, pole dance, modelling.
 Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip.
 Cause:  Sex Workers United Against Violence
 Dad joke: -Knock knock! -Who’s there? -Interrupting cow. -Interrupting cow wh- -MOOOOOO!!!!


Why Acting:  To feel alive and experience the moment. It was an accident, I was a
 3 Special Skills:  French Accent, World Class Chef, Photographer. 
 Ice Cream: Salted Caramel
 Cause: Mental Wellness/Anxiety Canada
 Instagram: brunofeldeisen
Dad joke:  What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground Beef!


Why acting: I have dreamed of becoming an actress since I was younger. I am now focused on going to school for acting and making my supportive family proud. 
3 special skills: Memorizing useless facts, Cosplay, Falling up the stairs.  
Ice cream: mint chocolate chip 
 Cause: Volunteering for mental health non-profits 
 Instagram: misskansasking 
 Dad joke: "Kansas is such a cool name!" "Thanks I got it for my birthday!" 


Why Acting: 
3 Special Skills: 
Ice Cream: 
Dad joke: 

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