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This page highlights some of the incredible people we are blessed to represent... learn more about them under their photos!

Meet Makia
   Meet Mako "Makia" Ibrahim...  she joined us in Spring of 2019 and her journey is an incredible one. She hopes to inspire others through her story and we are proud to have her as a part of the Ignite Family. 
Makia joined us via a collaboration with Covenant House in Vancouver, we take 0% commission from the youth that come to us from Covenant House and encourage our actors to give back with volunteer opportunities in the community. We believe its our responsibility to maintain a healthy mental wellness in an industry with many pressures and believe volunteering to help others is a great way to do this. 

Here are just some of the great faces we are lucky to work with at Ignite Artists.


Why Acting? Because I got kicked out of medical school - lol jk. Actually i started watching movies w my grandparents as a kid and loved that you could be someone else and still be you. I love to perform and take people on a journey.
3 Special Skills: Musician, Voice Actor, Comedy Writer.
Fav Ice Cream: Vanilla
Cause: Lou Gehrigs Disease
Social Media: n/a
Dad Joke:  Where do all the 1 legged waiters work... IHOP


Why Acting: It gives me a platform to express myself and impact people around me.
 3 Special Skills: Singing and playing instruments as well as riding horses.
Ice Cream:  Salted Caramel
 Cause(s): Defend Innocence Foundation, Mental Health, Empowering Women, Environmental Issues.
 Instagram: k.wiebe
 Dad joke: Did you hear about the kid-napping at school? It's fine, he woke up.

Jimmy Paul

Why Acting: I’ve always loved immersing myself into a character. It allows my to lose myself and just play around in someone else’s shoes. I guess it’s the best way to stave off the drudgery of growing up and live in a world of imagination and infinite possibilities.
 3 Special Skills: Rap god/music producer. Master soup maker. Classic video game historian.
 Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Chocolate.
 Cause:  Environmental Issues.
Instagram: @jimmypaulactor
Dad joke: You hear about that Italian chef who died? He pasta way.


Why Acting: I think it helps me become a better person; Understanding the characters motivation helps me to think about how the character goes about putting their purpose into action.
 3 Special Skills: Singing, Boxing, Martial Arts
 Ice Cream:  Hedgehog.
 Cause: Retirement/Veteras, Childrens Hunger.
 Dad joke:  Why did we name the printer Bob Marley? Because it was always jammin!



Why Acting? It's a sort of therapy for me and serves as a tool to connect and communicate with people.
3 Special Skills: Writing, oratory and teaching (Used to be an university teacher in México).
Fav Ice Cream:  Oreo Cookies and Cream.
Cause: Mental Health, Women's rights, children's education, art and culture accesible for everyone, art therapy and philanthropy.
Instagram: jessicablancoc 
Dad Joke:  Relax Gringo, I'm legal. I got the papers. (In a really mexican way with a really mexican accent). 


Why Acting:  As a child I watched movies and was inspired, now I want to inspire future generations of dreamers.
 3 Special Skills: Motivational Speaker,  Magician, Athlete
Ice Cream:  Green Mint Chocolate Chip
 Cause: Mental Health
 Instagram: @buone8
 Dad joke: Actually overheard by Matt at lunch when asked what he wanted to drink "Water, on the rocks, shaken not stirred."


Why Acting/Modelling: Best way to take your audience somewhere else and be a part of their artistic experience.
 3 Special Skills:  Gymnastics, Public Speaking, Athletic.
 Ice Cream:  Vegan Salted Caramel.
 Cause:  Troubled youth, mental health, homelessness.
 Instagram:  @miss.vanessa.chauhan
Dad joke: What do you call cheese that isnt yours? "Nacho Cheese"


Why Acting:  I’m a very empathetic person, so find it easy to imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. I’d like to use that energy creatively, and help tell stories that need to be told.
 3 Special Skills:  Ability to justify anything (a blessing and a curse), learning music by ear, giving thoughtful answers to surveys.
 Ice Cream: The Strawberry in Neapolitan
Instagram: @merrylou
Dad joke:  $80 for a haircut?!  I don’t even want to know what it would cost to get them ALL cut!


Why Acting:  Acting to me is having total awareness of your mind, body, and emotions. It’s part of my spiritual practice.
 3 Special Skills:  Singing, pole dance, modelling.
 Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip.
 Cause:  Sex Workers United Against Violence
 Dad joke: -Knock knock! -Who’s there? -Interrupting cow. -Interrupting cow wh- -MOOOOOO!!!!


Why Acting:  To feel alive and experience the moment. It was an accident, I was a
 3 Special Skills:  French Accent, World Class Chef, Photographer. 
 Ice Cream: Salted Caramel
 Cause: Mental Wellness/Anxiety Canada
 Instagram: brunofeldeisen
Dad joke:  What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground Beef!


Why acting: I have dreamed of becoming an actress since I was younger. I am now focused on going to school for acting and making my supportive family proud. 
3 special skills: Memorizing useless facts, Cosplay, Falling up the stairs.  
Ice cream: mint chocolate chip 
 Cause: Volunteering for mental health non-profits 
 Instagram: misskansasking 
 Dad joke: "Kansas is such a cool name!" "Thanks I got it for my birthday!" 


Why Acting: 
3 Special Skills: 
Ice Cream: 
Dad joke: 

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